UGA AG 2013 Cooperative Ext. wood ash report based on 37 amalgamated samples 1990-1995, reviewed by Georgia Pacific. (Significantly different. p.3) Compare with UGA Ag Labs Total Acid Digestion report to know what’s in GP “Brash.” If you don’t test for it, you won’t find it. (Brunswick Ash).


Shadowed by Giants of Industry, KOCH Bros. GP Brunswick Cellulose

Having spoken with several local newspaper editors, no one was willing to step out of their comfort zone, CLEARLY investigate the problem of localized pine bark & lime dumping on our agriculture and forest lands. Apparently no valid tests were publicly available nor were my attempts to obtain testing analytics via Wittmer Agricycle Inc. of Callahan, FL or their representative embedded at GP Brunswick Cellulose or the truck driver contracted as consumer, Joey Denison of Offerman, GA ever successful. I was refused any information from these entities during my inquiries which led to an investigation over the last six months into the elemental composition of the materials being passed off to recipients under the Wittmer-Agricycle infamous self-published License #L013. Farmers whom have trusted State of GA authorities at GA Consumer Ag Inputs, University of GA Cooperative Extension Offices i.e. their county farm agents to protect GA agricultural interests to make certain Soil Amendment materials are well tested and safe to apply may be as shocked as I have been to learn about the abysmal testing of these materials, or lack thereof.

GA Dept. of AG Bark Ash Lime Material Service Report:

  • I received the following email from Jennifer Wren of the State of GA Consumer Ag Inputs Office on February 7th, regarding the materials as compared to the Wittmer Agricycle L#013 and the Manure Analysis Report given to Amy Chancey as proof of contents of the Brunswick Ash, aka BRASH.
Wren, Jennifer via Thu, Feb 7, 1:30 PM
to Melissa, me

Ms. Chancey,

I have attached the lab results for the product our inspector sampled at your property in Patterson, Georgia. The bottom portion of the report shows the findings for this material (under the column for “Result”) and the guaranteed values, i.e. what it should have been according to the product label (under the column heading “Guarantee”). There are some significant differences between the guarantees and the actual findings.


Jennifer Wren, MPH

Ag Inputs Program Director

Georgia Department of Agriculture

Phone: (404) 656-4958 Ext. 4102

  • It was apparent from conversations with GA Dept. of Ag more extensive testing would be required. Ms. Wren’s office could only test for calcium, magnesium and moisture. If you don’t test for toxic elements, certainly you will not find them.

The conclusions we have drawn from UGA & my discussions with Glynn Environmental & Ag Inputs Consumer Service Center is to also test with UGA Cooperative Extension Labs as their testing capabilities are more extensive.

Additionally, I met with the UGA Extension office here in Brunswick.  “The lab at UGA tests for the following: the S48 test (Volatile Organic Compound)cost is $125.00 per sample, and the S13 (Heavy metals and nutrients) is $30.00 per sample.  If you should choose to also do the S50 (Petroleum) the cost is $75.00 per sample.  These are only lab fees, so the cost of postage needs to be added for the total.  We will complete the necessary forms for the UGA Lab when you bring the samples in for mailing.” Samples were taken from the Glynn Environmental bucket for UGA testing and forwarded to the UGA Ag Labs for elemental testing.

GoggleMaps Flyover of GP Brunswick Cellulose Ash Distribution Staging Area

  • Excavators/front end loaders (yellow) & transport truck waiting to be loaded.
  • Ash pond, contained in a lined berm?
  • GP Brunswick Cellulose on Fancy Bluff Creek, parallel to tidal waters running between St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island, GA.
  • Ash pond aeration & separation of ash & lime
  • Dark Matter.
  • A renewable source unlike a “resource,” endless ash, sludge, spoils byproducts.

GP Brunswick Cellulose Plant Manager Mike Vogel signs “Manure Nutrient Analysis Report.”

Getting to the bottom of “what’s in-it?”

  • Document Joey Denison gave to Executrix of Estate of Kenneth J. Chancey dtd. 2016 on Manure….. COWS in Brunswick City Limits, at the GP Brunswick Cellulose facility? BS. (Obtained indirectly via the Executrix of the Estate of Kenneth J. Chancey.) Only known “due diligence” by Executrix before accepting 150 loads of 24 tons each, BRASH.


I ordered one load of “top soil” from Joey Denison, operator of the 1/2 dozen or so trucks running from Scenic Drive near Offerman, GA to GP Brunswick Cellulose, via one of the drivers, a cousin, in the spring of 2018 for $300 for my vegetable garden. I was then confronted with a 24 ton dump of sludge, pine bark ash & lime waste, which at time Denison had said was “topsoil,” I decided to get to the bottom of the dump, so to speak. What is this material, where did it originate and why is it being pawned off as topsoil and fertilizer, when it is clearly aggregated, hard, clumpy “black stuff?”

After meticulous and repeated phone calls to Wittmer Agricycle, “a place in Callahan, FL” according to the driver who dumped the load on my property, in charge of the materials leaving GP Brunswick Cellulose, I requested lab test analysis of the material which sat on my property. What is the composition of the material? After 4 phone calls to the Callahan offices, I was referred by the marketing rep., whom claimed the test results resided in the hands of an embedded rep. at the GP Brunswick Cellulose mill. The marketing rep. assured me the material had been tested, but would not provide any test results. Instead I was told to call an embedded contractor by the name of Shannon Foster at GP’s Brunswick Cellulose plant, which I did. I had phone conversations with Foster in November, December 2018 & January 2019, when he agreed, for the third time to meet with me and provide test analysis results to satisfy my intellectual curiosity. “What’s in It?” The previous meetings arose out of the discovery the Executrix of the Estate of Kenneth J. Chancey of 5853 Chancey Road near Offerman, GA had been given a “Manure Analysis Report” signed off by the Plant manager Mike Vogel as proof of the contents of the materials. It just so happened the Executrix of our Father’s Estate had acquired little or no knowledge of the material elements, prior to her agreement to allow our family farm to become an unregulated waste facility. By Thanksgiving 2018, there were approximately 150 24 ton truckloads of “Brash” Brunswick Ash from GP Brunswick Cellulose leaching into the groundwater on 4 different extant sites.