GP Brunswick Cellulose Plant Manager Mike Vogel signs “Manure Nutrient Analysis Report.”

Getting to the bottom of “what’s in-it?”

  • Document Joey Denison gave to Executrix of Estate of Kenneth J. Chancey dtd. 2016 on Manure….. COWS in Brunswick City Limits, at the GP Brunswick Cellulose facility? BS. (Obtained indirectly via the Executrix of the Estate of Kenneth J. Chancey.) Only known “due diligence” by Executrix before accepting 150 loads of 24 tons each, BRASH.

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L. A. Chancey

Literate. Everything I ever needed to know I learned the hard way, hard work. Do not accept what you are told as being factual. Investigate, ask obvious questions, consider the absurd. Find the truth, somewhere in between. Having been reared on farmland and being a member of the Future Farmers of America since 1973 at Patterson High School, I learned to love the land. Yes, I'd experienced a rural education, country living, being educated in a small town primary system was a plus. The teaching staff at Patterson Elementary & Patterson High School embedded moral teachings, backed by hard work and Christian European values. Do your best, do not lie, do not steal, do not bear false witness........

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