I ordered one load of “top soil” from Joey Denison, operator of the 1/2 dozen or so trucks running from Scenic Drive near Offerman, GA to GP Brunswick Cellulose, via one of the drivers, a cousin, in the spring of 2018 for $300 for my vegetable garden. I was then confronted with a 24 ton dump of sludge, pine bark ash & lime waste, which at time Denison had said was “topsoil,” I decided to get to the bottom of the dump, so to speak. What is this material, where did it originate and why is it being pawned off as topsoil and fertilizer, when it is clearly aggregated, hard, clumpy “black stuff?”

After meticulous and repeated phone calls to Wittmer Agricycle, “a place in Callahan, FL” according to the driver who dumped the load on my property, in charge of the materials leaving GP Brunswick Cellulose, I requested lab test analysis of the material which sat on my property. What is the composition of the material? After 4 phone calls to the Callahan offices, I was referred by the marketing rep., whom claimed the test results resided in the hands of an embedded rep. at the GP Brunswick Cellulose mill. The marketing rep. assured me the material had been tested, but would not provide any test results. Instead I was told to call an embedded contractor by the name of Shannon Foster at GP’s Brunswick Cellulose plant, which I did. I had phone conversations with Foster in November, December 2018 & January 2019, when he agreed, for the third time to meet with me and provide test analysis results to satisfy my intellectual curiosity. “What’s in It?” The previous meetings arose out of the discovery the Executrix of the Estate of Kenneth J. Chancey of 5853 Chancey Road near Offerman, GA had been given a “Manure Analysis Report” signed off by the Plant manager Mike Vogel as proof of the contents of the materials. It just so happened the Executrix of our Father’s Estate had acquired little or no knowledge of the material elements, prior to her agreement to allow our family farm to become an unregulated waste facility. By Thanksgiving 2018, there were approximately 150 24 ton truckloads of “Brash” Brunswick Ash from GP Brunswick Cellulose leaching into the groundwater on 4 different extant sites.

SOURCE: GP BRUNSWICK CELLULOSE, VIA George B. Wittmer Associates, Inc,. dba WITTMER-AGRICYCLE.com delivered by “Joey Denison Trucking,” off Scenic Drive on 5853 Chancey Road, RIGHT TO YOUR BACK YARD.

Brunswick pine bark ash dumped at 5853 CHANCEY ROAD as "topsoil."
Brunswick Ash aka "Brash" rhymes with Trash.

Pine Bark Ash and Lime

Are you concerned about localized dumping of pine bark ash & lime from pulp-producing wood bark cellulose processing facilities? Are you considering a soil amendment to your farm ag-lands or silviculture (forest)timber production management areas and wonder exactly “what’s in it?” Are you dismayed at being told “topsoil,” when it doesn’t look like topsoil to you? Are you considering paying $6.98 for a 50 lb. bag of landscaping materials at your local nursery or garden store and uncertain as to the meaning of “Soil Amendment” or the standards of the Mulch and Soil Council? Here’s your local source for all things pine bark ash & lime. Make an informed decision. Know what’s “in-it.”